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Nursing Jobs in Oregon/the Pacific Northwest 

Oregon and Washington are home to huge aerospace-manufacturing, computer-related industries and top hospitals. Travel nurses can advance their careers while enjoying diverse outdoor activities in their spare time. With access to the ocean and mountains, the Pacific Northwest is a perfect destination for those seeking travel nursing jobs in the great states of Washington and Oregon. 



Rugged in scenery, Oregon offers abundant forests, fishing, white-water rafting, skiing, hiking and camping. You can bicycle near the beautiful coastline or visit historic sites. The natural beauty of this state includes Mt. Hood, the Columbia River Gorge and a vast pallet of painted hills. The cities of Portland, Eugene and Astoria have everything that an urban lifestyle has to offer: historic old towns, galleries and museums, shopping centers and wonderful theatres. Oregon is a dramatic land of many changes.



Washington is considered the “Jewel of the Northwest,” with something for everyone to enjoy. The city of Seattle is thoroughly modern and cutting-edge, yet the great outdoors is easily accessible. You can go fishing, hiking or kayaking, or you can explore the national parks, rain forests, beaches, rivers, islands, cascades, gorges and glaciers. One of the wildlife attractions in this state is the American Eagle. This high-flying big bird can often be seen on a clear day, soaring through the wide open spaces. 

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