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Nurse Testimonials

Testimonials from International Nurses

O’Grady Peyton International has been placing nurses and changing lives for 35 years; our nursing testimonials from nurses just like, professionals who have already worked with us illustrate what it means to enter the world of US nursing. You’re oh so close to professional opportunities and personal enrichment. No matter what your reason for coming to work in the United States, read our nursing testimonials to discover what your colleagues have experienced and gained by working in America.

Teresa Hardwick, Midland Memorial Hospital - Midland, Texas

Originally from Chesterfield, UK. Years of RN experience: 13.5  

If I were to give an international nurse some advice, coming to America to work it would be to be open minded and accepting of change and the different ways of working, take opportunities to learn and develop yourself and share your knowledge with others and finally acknowledge your limitations, face your fears, enjoy life and always do your very best. 

Iyad Hussein Qaaqah, Baylor Scott and White, McLane Children’s Hospital - Temple, Texas

Originally from Jordan. Years of RN experience: 18

My experience with O' Grady Peyton International was an amazing one, their professionalism and kindness is outstanding, they were with me before during and after landing to my new place, and the support is still ongoing. I consider them part of my close friend's circle, I can trust them as an individuals and as a company too. I encourage all medical professionals to join this company as they will make your transition much easier especially if you are like me coming from abroad. From me and my little family, Thank You all at O’ Grady Peyton for the support. Iyad Hussein Qaaqah

Lemone Brady, Banner Casa Grande Regional Medical Center - Casa Grande, Arizona

Originally from Kingston, Jamaica. Years of RN experience: 14  

O Grady Peyton International paved the way for many an opportunity for my family and I starting our new life in the USA. Michelle was an invaluable source, Kim like a big sister and Gillian and Sinead were always available! Thanks to you and your team! You were always there and then some!

Nodeane Robotham, Western State Hospital - Staunton, Virginia

Originally from Kingston, Jamaica. Years of RN experience: 35

I have no regrets signing on with O’Grady Peyton International. They were there with me right through the process. Although the wait was long as retrogression affected the process, they never left me alone or cancelled on me. They communicated with me, held my hand when I thought the dream would never materialize for me and my son. The relocation process was seamless; meet and greet, the apartment and job placement went so smoothly. The entire team is so warm, professional and caring; we are like family.

Arlene G. Dela Roca, Banner Casa Grande Medical Center - Casa Grande, Arizona

Originally from Manila, Philippines. Years of RN experience: 24   

My journey as an international RN traveler with O'Grady Peyton International was an adventure and great opportunity not only for my career growth but also for my family. The OGP team was very efficient and professional and will be guiding you throughout, from Visa processing through your transition with your new life and work in the US.

Paulette Williams, Charge Nurse - Continue Care Hospital at Medical Center Hospital -Odessa, Texas

Originally from Jamaica. Years of RN experience: 13

My journey here in the United States, with the team from O' Grady Peyton International, being at the steering wheel, has been more than phenomenal. The occasional calls I receive from Kim, Sinead, Gillian and other members of the team, to check on my progress, are invaluable. My husband and I are appreciative of the support that we have been receiving from them. Kim gave us helpful tips that assisted my husband in finding a job of his own in the US. I am very grateful.

Melisa P Salmon, Banner Casa Grande Regional Medical center - Casa Grande, Arizona

Originally from Jamaica. Years of RN experience: 13

O’Grady Peyton International was a God-sent; I will be eternally grateful to OGP for paving the path for my many nursing career successes. The OGP staff is friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and caring. The migration process and transition to a new country and culture went smoothly because of the dedication and unwavering support of the staff.

Emily De Ocera, Midland Memorial Hospital - Midland, Texas

Originally from Philippines. Years of RN experience: 16

Hi, my name is Emily De Ocera, this is my successful story of my adventure to USA. I graduated BSN from Manila, Philippines and worked in United Kingdom since 1999 as an ICU nurse. I have applied to work in the USA since 2006 with O’ Grady Peyton International and my journey to success wasn’t like a fairy tale. Back in the UK the staff from O’ Grady helped through every step I take from taking my NCLEX to the immigration process and moving my whole family across the globe. From 2007 we lost hope due to retrogression but we continued our life and O’ Grady continuously updated me every month regarding the updates on retrogression. Until February 2014 we had a good news after seven years that we are eligible for green card and our life changed. The whole family sat down (I have 2 girls) and discussed the opportunities awaiting for us, I don’t want to decide by myself as I wanted to know their thoughts and opinions as well. Kids are already settle in school in UK and they have friends that they are going to leave. After several hours we made a decision to go ahead and start a new life in America. It wasn’t easy at first as the amount of work I need to do is overwhelming, there is the never ending online courses in (114 to be exact for ICU), visa interview and medical, selling our house in London plus the two kids. I never thought I will be able to handle the stress of moving to another continent. After having our medical, I had a phone call that there was a problem with my x-ray, I need to submit my sputum sample which will take another agonizing 8 weeks for the result. I stayed positive despite all of these. Finally our visa interview arrived and was told that it will take another ten days for us to receive our passports which that time I already booked our tickets to New York and Sinead wasn’t happy as I missed the orientation for O’Grady. August 22, 2014 was the day we left our beloved London to begin the new chapter in our life. With the help of the wonderful staff of O’Grady our apartment is ready, and a car rental was waiting for us plus the meet and greet staff that picked me up from Midland Airport. Applying for the SSN and opening a bank account was easy, I was able to apply fro a credit card with $6000 credit limit which was very helpful in building our credit score plus the help of Autosource I was able to purchase my first car with no fuss. School was never a problem as well because we have already been given all the information by Kim and Sinead before we left UK. The support that I have received from all the staff is greatly appreciated. I wouldn’t be able to adapt quickly if it wasn’t from you guys. Our orientation in the hospital was good, people in Midland Texas are welcoming and they are very friendly. My first few weeks I struggled with their electronic charting but after four weeks I was able to function well as a nurse. I have received compliments from my patients as well as the medical and nursing staff. The medical director applauded me for being pro active and patient-centered, one of the Hospitalist was amazed with the amount of knowledge I had while talking to him and discussing the care of my patient. I was told that it was his first time to hear a nurse that actually was involved with the plan of care. (I used to work with doctors whilst in UK doing outreach). One day, my nursing director asked me to attend the NTI which is in San Diego, she thought that I am the right person to represent the hospital. I was overwhelmed and I said yes. Attending the conference after few months of working in the USA, I was the happiest person on earth. Hospital paid for all the expenses in return I need to bring back to the unit what I have learned. I enjoyed my time in San Diego, I met my long term friend whom I haven’t seen for 15 years. Now I am involved in starting the patients’ ICU diary and medical director and vice president is in contact with me for this wonderful project. I was even approached by our educator to apply for the Clinical manager’s position. The endless opportunities that I am enjoying now, I owe it to you Kim, Sinead, Gillian, Michelle, Lori (apologize if I forget somebody). I am now on my fourth month of my studies (Master of Nursing in Leadership and healthcare management) in Grand Canyon University with straight A’s. Once again I thank you for all your support and now my husband is an RN as well here and we are in the process of buying our first home in sunny California. They said the construction will be finished by October. This is my success story and I assure you that we are very appreciative of all your support to my family. Continue to help my other nurses in achieving their dreams. I will send photos of our new house soon.

Let’s work together to create your own personal success as a nurse working in America. If that sounds like something you’d like to achieve, get started today by contacting us or completing our short application or by calling (877) 686-7230.

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